Raising brand awareness, building trust, establishing credibility, and ultimately driving revenue, that’s what the top of the funnel is all about. It can be a marketer’s “Paradise City”, but without focus, it can quickly become overwhelming. The one-two punch of social media and content marketing is a vital part of any successful integrated marketing approach. If you are not pairing these two powerhouses together then you are simply missing opportunities for your business.

The tactics and strategies in this book have come together through a tremendous amount of research, trial and error, expert input, and real world applications. From startups to enterprise—what’s included here works across the board and can very quickly make an impact.

No frills, no fluff, just useful, practical tactics, strategies and lessons from one modern marketer to another, with a touch of rock n roll flare.


Marketing Expert Praise for Welcome to the Funnel

"Storytelling, rock n roll, and secrets to creating remarkable content. B2B marketing just got sexier. Pay attention, marketers! A must-have guide to creating content that rocks is here."

“Jason Miller isn’t going to waste your time with theory or pontification. This book is jammed full of immediately useful best practices, marketing hacks and other practical tips to accelerate the impact, efficiency and ROI of your marketing efforts. Time to turn it up to eleven!"

“This is the type of book I like to read with real anecdotes and examples mixed with specific step-by-step guidance. And almost as importantly, the book is truly entertaining. If you are trying to understand content marketing, social media, and modern demand generation, then this is your book. You can read it in a day and it will change your game.”

“This book is little like having Axl Rose show up in your living room to play a house party. You can’t help but be blown away.”

“Jason is a content marketing rockstar! It isn't because of the great content virtually every marketer has seen since he has been at Marketo and LinkedIn (and he had the metrics to prove it), but because of how he breaks down every detail needed to have an amazing content "road show." Jason shares how to get your content produced, how to make it stand out from the noise, how to make sure it is getting shared and how to measure its success. If you are looking to amplify your content marketing success your team must read this book.””

“Jason Miller is to content marketing what guitarist Vivian Campbell is to metal. He's rocked with everyone in the business, and he's played on countless hits. In "Welcome to the Funnel," Miller brings an ensemble band together to provide a boxed set of rocking content licks.”

About the Author

Jason Miller leads global content and social initiatives for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions helping marketers understand how to use LinkedIn to achieve their marketing goals and deliver real ROI. Previously he was the senior manager of social media strategy at Marketo and responsible for leading the company's global content and social media efforts. Before entering the B2B space, he spent ten years at Sony developing and executing marketing campaigns around the biggest names in music. When he is not building campaigns, creating remarkable content, and tracking the ROI of social, he is winning awards as a concert photographer, singing 80’s metal karaoke, and winning at Seinfeld trivia. Jason is a frequent contributor to Content Marketing Institute, Social Media Examiner, Marketing Profs, Copyblogger, and has presented at numerous industry conferences including Dreamforce, Social Media Marketing World , Social Fresh, Microsoft Convergence, Inbound, and more.